Classical Ballet Full time or part-time studies in the preparatory/BA program

Age: 14-24 years (Applications by students younger than 14 will be treated individually.)

We accept students to these programs who are:
- beginners in ballet, age: 10 years old;
- students not older than 16, having had previous training of 3 to 5 years;
- students aged 17-19 who wish to study at higher education (Grades 7-9) whether on partial or on BA studies
- qualified dancers, not older than 24 years who wish to come for 1 year to enhance their technique.

Application documents to be submitted: 

- certificate of education, professional qualifications,
- CV with detailed ballet studies,
- questionnaire of the Hungarian Dance Academy,
- photo taken in leotards.


The audition material is the following:

1. grand plié (with bending and port de bras)
2. battement tendu
3. fondu (with fouetté)
4. adagio
In the Centre:
1. battement tendu with a tour
2. grand fondu
3. adagio with grand tours

1. small jumps (sautés, échappés)
2. small allegros battus
3. various grand allegros (grand jeté, fouetté sauté, grand assamblé, jeté entrelacé etc.)
4. for boys: tours an l’air
5. various diagonal pirouettes (chaine, pique, tour pas de bourée, tour tire bouchon etc.)

1. Candidates living in Europe have to audition before the Audition Board. The audition consists of observing body aptness, dance talent, awareness of music and sense of rhythm. Any candidate having attended training will also be examined on their degree of qualification and the knowledge of the subject material.  

2. Overseas candidates may send a video for pre-auditon (by DVD or a video link) with the audition material recorded. The DVD should contain the exercises listed above, shown combined. Please note that the proportion of the video content must be: barre exercised approx. 30%, exercises in the middle, jumps, turns approx 70%. If you have a variation recorded, you may also add to your video.
Please note that we do not accept students by video, but you have to come to a live audition. Pre-auditioning means to ask for an opinion if it is recommended for you to participate at a live audition or your skills have to develop much to meet the criteria set for your age.
With the video you have to send a complete audition package including the audition fee. In case of not recommendig participation at a live audition, the fee is non-refundable.
This possibility is offered to overseas candidates only!

Students who wish to join BA training have to undergo a BA application process organized by the state.