Academic Calendar 2017/2018

Start of the academic year: September 1
Autumn semester: September 1 - January 31
Autumn holiday: October 30 - November 3 (last school-day: Oct. 27, first school-day: Nov. 6)
Christmas holiday: December 27 - January 2 (last school-day: dec. 22, first     school-day: Jan. 3)
Exam period**, 1st semester: from appr. January 16 to the beginning of February
Spring semester: February 1 - June 23
Spring holiday: March 29 - April 3 (last day to school: March 28, first school-day: April 04)
Exam period**, 2nd semester: from  appr. May 15 - June 16
Concert exam (classical ballet): mid-June 
Closing ceremony: mid-June 

*The dates are given only for orientation. The academy reserves the right to change based on the performance possibilities. In case there are approaching performances, appointed international students are obliged to stay for the rehearsals in holidays too.
**Dance classes are held throughout the exam period.

Other holidays:

October 23: National holiday
March 15: National holiday
May 1: Labour Day (day off)
May 21: Whit Monday (day off)