It is possible to have lunch at HDA's canteen, but it has to be preordered.
The lunch costs 680 HUF/day for students on partial training and on BA training. You can order it from Monday to Friday.

Payment is only possible by bank transfer to the academy's bank account number* or in cash on a yellow postal bulletin at the post office.
In case of transferring the lunch fee please indicate the student's name + lunch in the announcement.

To have lunch please send the
order form to

You have to pay monthly, no later than 8 days after receiving the notice from the international coordinator.

Important! By signing the order form you undertake payment obligation (cash or bank transfer) for the ordered meals by September 15. You may as well send this payment along with your tuition fee but please detail in the announcement of the transfer what payments you are sending together. Please take note that your order will be continuously valid for other months. In case of cancellation request, please send an e-mail to at least two days before. Please do not forget to send the cancellation e-mail, otherwise the lunch will be automatically billed to you!

Bank name: Magyar Nemzeti Bank (SW-Code: MANEHUHB)
IBAN: HU 88 1003 2000 0149 3263 0000 0000
Bank account holder: Magyar Táncművészeti Egyetem (Hungarian Dance Academy)
Academy's address: Columbus utca 87-89, H-1145 Budapest, Hungary