Wakizuka Yu, 7th grade student of the Hungarian Dance Academy won the 4th prize scholarship as he finished in the second place amongst boys at the 47th Prix de Lausanne. He is studying at the university since September with the scholarship offered by György Szakály vice rector at a competition in Kyoto in 2017. 

He danced the Grand pas classique variation and Heinz Spoerli's Urge in Lausanne. Yu was trained for the competition by Szilárd Macher leading ballet master and Attila Kalmár modern master. The young talent started to learn ballet from his mother. During the competition week the commentators highlighted that he radiates the love of dance and he always smiles which is adherent.

Congratulations to Wakizuka Yu and all of those who supported him in this great success!

Photo: www.prixdelausanne.org