Mission Statement

The most important goal and professional task of the Hungarian Dance Academy is to train and educate versatile dancers, dance teachers, choreographers and theoreticians who in turn, will be able to qualify as performing artists, teachers or pursue creative work on the strength of their expertise, having acquired the values of International and Hungarian culture, especially in the field of dance art.

Dance art harmoniously interacts with all the other artistic trends. It can adopt the technical achievements of the previous centuries and incorporate them into dance performances, as dance art is continuously developing and always ready to undergo reforms.

For students who choose to become dance teacher as their career, we focus on ensuring the acquisition of high standard expertise, so that in the course of their studies they can develop their personality and become responsible intellectuals. The latest achievements and practical changes of dance pedagogy are given high priority throughout training, and due to the contribution of excellent artists and pedagogues, education is based on the most modern achievements of an ever changing world.

In addition to the Hungarian methodology, our artists and pedagogues, trained according to the curricula as well as personal experience acquired in other countries, continuously prove that the high standard of the Hungarian educational system is able to meet the most demanding requirements of European and other international artistic ensembles and schools. Based on the excellence of our education, we aim at sustaining and strengthening our authoritative position, both now and in the future, which we have gained in the Hungarian and international dance world.

We help our students gain up-to-date knowledge and a marketable diploma by the steady reform of courses offered, opening master-courses in addition to the undergraduate ones, as well as the pedagogue- and postgraduate specialist training courses.

In the field of Dance Science, our strategic aim is to found a creative research-workshop, for Dance Science to achieve academic acknowledgement, open Doctoral courses and thus, become a university.
The Masters and Theoretical Experts, with outstanding professional training and many decades of education, have contributed to the furtherance of these aims.

The Senate of the Hungarian Dance Academy 2007