Apply for Erasmus+ to HDA
We advise that students should begin preparations well in advance, at least one or two semesters before the start of their study abroad. It is especially important that they mind the specific application deadlines and procedures for their target schools. 

Application deadlines:
- for the autumn semester: 30th April; for the spring semester: 31st October
As the academic year consists of two semesters, if possible, please come for a full semester or a whole academic year (as opposed to three months or 9 months, etc.).
The application material should consist of:
1. Application Form (you can download it here)
2. Transcript of records from your college/university
3. short professional CV and motivation letter
4. DVD with the audition material (requirements can be found under "Admission" in the main menu
All materials are to be sent to Ms. Katalin Kovács (; postal address: Hungarian Dance Academy, H-1592 Budapest, POB. 472)