Institute for Training Choreographers and Dance Pedagogues

Director of the institute: Mrs. Márta Molnár Fodorné

Secretary: Renáta Gönczi
Phone: (+36-1) 478-0787
Fax: (+36-1) 478-0787


The aim of the Institute

Following the introduction of the Bologna-compatible structure in higher education, the Institute for Training Choreographers and Dance Pedagogues has taken charge of the entire curriculum of pedagogue training. There are five specializations of the basic undergraduate programmes for Training Dancers and Coaches: Classical Ballet, Folk Dance, Modern Dance, Modern Ballroom Dances and Fashion Dances. Shortly, a Masters’ Course for Training Dance Pedagogues will also be introduced.

According to the objectives listed in the training concept of the basic programme, students will be capable of obtaining the practical means of developing and conveying the art of dance and aesthetic education. The very best students will then be able to continue their studies in the Masters’ programme.

The objectives of training dance pedagogues is to provide students with the high-level knowledge necessary for those who choose to teach dance as a career as well as cultivate their character to develop into responsible intellectuals. The latest findings and practical changes in dance pedagogy are top priorities within the Institute; consequently, we offer training and education based on the most up-to-date curriculum with the assistance of our highly qualified pedagogues and artists in an ever changing world.

Our Institute strives to consciously develop the talent of students training as choreographers; this usually takes place in small groups. After following a general preparation period in dance language throughout the basic undergraduate programme, each student can then feel free to choose their own dance language according to their own creative concepts.