Department for Training Choreographers

The objectives of this Department is to train and educate choreographers and creative artists who will be capable of designing and realizing choreographies in genuine style as well as conveying the message of their art works to the audience and getting them to understand and perceive their ideas. They are also expected to creatively interact with the performing artists.

Along with the choreographers’ training, this Department also focuses on expanding the choreographic knowledge of the students of other specializations (Dance Artist, Dance Pedagogue, Dancer and Coach), since the expertise in making choreographies will be inevitable for them both as dance artists and dance teachers when presenting their own works or preparing their students for exams.

It is not necessary to have a degree in choreographic studies in order to become a successful choreographer, however, getting familiar with its basic rules while making choreographies and gaining a wide range of useable technical knowledge, analyzing other choreographers’ pieces, may be an inspiration for any artist.


The Department is also in charge of the following programmes:

BA Choreography Programme

MA Choreography Programme


Subjects Taught at the Department:

Art and Theory of Choreography, Choreology, Artwork Analysis

Basics of Choreography

Coaching and Choreographic Studies

Practice in Choreography

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