Department for Training Pedagogues

The basic task of the Department for Training Pedagogues is to coordinate and integrate the pedagogical and special methodological trends into the training and education of students during the last four-year college level programme as well as those in the Bologna-compatible programme leading to a college degree in Dancer and Coach Specialization. In accordance with the Bologna system, this department has taken charge of teaching subjects related to the special methodology of dance as well as pedagogical and psychological subjects. It also pays particular attention to extending the choices of optional, practical and theoretical course subjects on demand as well as raising the standard of education by conveying the latest methodological principles.

The Department aims to further develop both the training and education of the Dancer and Coach specialization in regards to curriculum and quality. Furthermore, to continuously supervise them in the fields of pedagogy, psychology, artistic-pedagogy and special methodology. The teaching staff of the Department takes an active part in developing and elaborating the curriculum of the Masters’ Programme for Dance Teachers. In addition to teaching the general pedagogical subjects, the Department for Training Pedagogues carries out research together with the staff of the Classical Ballet and Modern Dance Department and the Folk Dance and Theatrical Dance Department.

The Department is in charge of the following programmes:

BA Dancer and Coach programme

Subjects Taught at the Department:

Introduction to the World of Education, Introduction to the History of Education, Introduction to Psychology, Didactics, Drama Pedagogy, Developmental Psychology, Philosophy, Methodology of Research, The Theory of Education, Protocol, Culture of Behaviour,

Fashion Dances, Methodology, Ballet Methodology, Methodology of Modern Ballroom Dances, Methodology of Modern Dances, Pilates Technique,

European Modern Dances, Graham Technique, Improvisation, Jazz Dance, Contact Technique, Creative Dances for Children, Limon Technique,

Argentine Tango, Flamenco, Modern Ballroom Dances, Scoring, Dance Music History, Historical Ballroom Dances, Competition Rules.