Theoretical Department

The Theoretical Department is in charge of the theoretical education of the students pursuing their studies in the Programmes for Artists and Pedagogues. The emphasis is laid on the students’ good professional grounding so that they will be prepared to perceive, analyze and appreciate the different artistic works of music, dance and fine arts. Having acquired these skills, they will be capable of forming and expressing their own opinion while easily orientating in the artistic world. The teachers of the department not only give artistic-theoretical classes ( in dance, music, fine arts, literature, theatre and film) but also run courses in the history of religions and culture in addition to providing students with expertise in the methodology of research.

One of the main tasks of this Department is to advise on the activities of the Students’ Special Interest Groups and also involve them in dance theoretical researches. The teachers of the Department also take part in education development and course book writing. Beside pursuing their own scientific researches, they have played a vital role in establishing the Research Centre of the Science of Dance.

Teaching foreign languages to the students is also one of the responsibilities of the Department (English and German). In the course of the language classes the students get help in preparing for the state-accredited language examinations.

The Academy offers training and education to foreign students, who are taught in English by the teaching staff of the Department.

The Department is in charge of the following programmes:

BA Dance Theoreticians Programme

Subjects Taught at the Department:

History of Dance (General and Hungarian), Dance Work Analysis, Music History, Music Theory, History of Culture, History of Drama, History of Theatre, History of the Arts, History of Scenery and Costume, History of Religions, Methodology of Research, Film History, History of Literature, Kinesiology, Foreign Languages (English and German).