Folk Dance Department

The primary objectives of the Folk Dance Department are to guide and supervise the professional training of the departments offering education in Folk Dance Specialization. In addition, the teaching staff of the Department creates the conditions necessary for teaching the theoretical and practical subjects of this specialization. The staff’s research activities ensure the continuous development regarding the content and quality of the curriculum. The Department lays great emphasis on helping those who pursue their studies in other specializations to become familiar with the basics of Hungarian Folk Dance.

The Department is in charge of the following Programmes:
Folk Dance Preparatory Course (Grade 1-2)
BA Dance Artist specialized in Folk Dance (Grade 3-5) 
MA Folk Dance Artist

Subjects taught at the Department:
Hungarian Folk Dance, Basics of Folk Dance, Children’s Games, Methodology of Folk Dance, Folk Music, Rhythmic Exercises, Repertoire, Dance Routines, Dance Notation, History of Folk Costumes.