Modern Dance Department

A separate department of teaching modern/contemporary dance based on a specially developed curriculum and methodology started in 2011. The main task of this department is to educate students with attention to the international artistic needs and training trends and thus transmit knowledge and experience to the future dance artists and dance pedagogues within the higher education system.  
The curriculum contains dance techniques and styles that are integral part of the competitive knowledge a professional dancer must possess.

The department is in charge of the following programs:

Modern Dance Preparatory Course (Grade 1-2)
BA Dance Artist specialized in Modern Dance (Grades 7-9)

Subjects taught at the department:

BA Dance Artist specialized in Modern Dance (more than 20 hrs/week): 20th century modern techniques (Graham, Limón, Cunningham, Art Jazz), creative methods (improvisation, contact), contemporary choreographies (repertoire)
BA Dance Artist specialized in Classical Ballet (1-4 hrs/week): basics of modern techniques (Grades 4-5), jazz and Limón (Grades 6-8), contemporary repertoire (Grades 7-9)
BA Dance Artist specialized in Folk Dance ( 4 hrs/week): general modern and contemporary dance techniques
BA Dancer and Coach (modern dance specialization: szakirányon 72 hrs/semester, ballroom dance specialization 56 hrs/week, classical ballet and fashion dance specializations 28 hrs/week): modern techniques (Graham, Limón, Art Jazz), contemporary methods (contact, European modern improvisation) és auxiliary techniques (yoga, Pilates, creative children\'s dance);
MA training: methodological and didactical features of the above mentioned techniques

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