Modern Dance Preparatory Program

You can download the general information chart about this training by clicking here.

The training prepares students for professional dance artist career. This specialization was first launched at the Dance Artist Department of the Academy in 2007. The primary aim of their training is the acquisition of the following techniques: Graham-, Limón- and Contact Technique, Jazz Dance and European Modern Dances. One of the most important requirements for students to join the Modern Dance Department is good improvisational skills.

The training and education last for 5 years. The students attending this department begin their education at the age of 14.Preceding the BA studies, in Grade 1 and 2 students have the preparatory student status with HDA. Preparatory training ensures 3-5 dance classes daily and stage experience according to age and talent. Students who speak Hungarian language may also join the secondary school of the academy for theoretical studies. The last two years of secondary education coincide with the first two years of their studies at the Academy, which means that the students become college students prior to passing their secondary school-leaving exam.

Upon completing grade 2 in modern dance one can apply for BA studies. This way the end-term examination of the last preparatory semester will be the entrance exam to dance artist BA training.
The students, who are not recommended for further studies at the Academy by the examining board, finish their professional training at the end of the 2nd grade.

The students of this specialization also study the following professional and theoretical subjects: Classical Ballet, Pilates, Repertoire, Dance in Home-Country, History of the Arts, Music History, Dance History, Kinesiology and Cultural Management.

This training is launched in approx. every 3rd year.