Subject: „Focus on Today”reloaded online

Dear Colleagues, Life has radically changed since our last year’s correspondence about the first English-speaking conference in Hungary on professional dance education, planned for April 2020.

Our willingness to realize this conference is unchanged, but due to circumstances the event will take place online; – build on the same issues, altered slightly by new experiences or discoveries.

The event will take place on the 27th of March 2021, cet 14.00-17.00, on ZOOM videoconference platform.

The structure is slightly altered due to this different form. There are the planned, but shorter keynote lectures given by experts (using a variety of visual means), followed by answers to questions and panel discussions moderated by experts, adjusted to the possibilities.

Main issues of lectures are based on:
– health and safety at training (in the studio or at home)
– methods and techniques in addition to adapt physical and mental capacities of the dancers-to-be
– how to adapt education to today’s employment possibilities

We would be honored by your “presence” at this unique event, to watch, listen, ask, and add your remarks!

Taking part of this conference is free, but a pre-registration would help our technical crew to measure the dimensions needed on the digital platform.

So please confirm your interest until the 28th of February. After that we return to you with a more detailed program and practical details for this event.

Please feel free to share this call with your colleagues, friends who might be interested.

Thank you and see you “there”!
Katalin Lőrinc, Budapest
Hungarian Dance Academy