‘Focus on Today’

Issues of Ballet Education of the 21st Century

Budapest, 5-6th April 2020

The Hungarian Dance Academy is organizing an international conference illuminating current issues of today’s ballet education. It is the very first time in the history of Hungary’s professional dance & dance education world that the language of a conference (lectures and discussions) is going to be exclusively English (with some abstracts printed in Hungarian).

Planned main issues of the keynote lectures and presentations are such as:

  • how educational institutes can adapt their programs to the demands of / and have vivid collaboration with the professional companies / creators today? (Keynote lecturer: Prof Jason Beechey / Dresden)
  • how to adapt the teaching of ballet technique to altered conditions such as:
                • the human bodies’ altered aptitudes in the last few decades, and the changes of circumstances in our social lives; (Keynote demonstration and lectures: Nagai Rei / Japan, Melinda Szitt / Budapest, moderator: Boglárka Simon-Hatala / Dresden)
                • the all-round fusion of styles, movement-techniques, art-forms within the dance creation’s world today (demonstrations and keynotes: István Simon / international artist, Tamas Moricz / Brussels/

            You are very welcome to add your own ideas and statements within the issues given above, and of course, other focuses may come up, concerning the adaptation of ballet education to our age: there is an extra time counted for this in each session.

            You may as well take part in thedemonstration practices, if you are a dancer.

            At the 2-days event, besides the lectures, practice presentations and discussions you have possibilities to exchange ideas, and the opportunity to visit the locations of the HDA.

            As the event is organized within the 70th anniversary Festival of the Academy (April 4-7), there are going to be possibilities of watching performances in the theatre-hall of the campus or at other venues taking part in the festivities in Budapest.

            We would be honoured by your presence at this unique event!

            The conditions of participation at the conference are as follows:

                        • taking part on all events of the conference is free; but registration is needed (see link below)
                        • travel- and accommodation costs are at the participant’s expense (short list of suggested accommodations near the venue:

                                 Hotel Medos More information here:

                              • reduced price catering vouchers will be provided during your stay on campus
                              • tickets for the dance performances of the campus and at the National Dance Theatre