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(for professional students)

9 August – 19 August 2023.


The Hungarian Dance University is offering its International Intensive Ballet Course this summer again. Young dancers, who are studying in a professional training programme (14-24 years old) from all over the world are welcome to apply.

During the planned ten days, internationally renowned, highly appretiated ballet masters will teach classical ballet, repertoire and contemporar dance.


I am an MTE student
I am an external student
Online application form

We are looking forward to welcoming you!

In case of a request or question, you will receive an answer to your letter within 10 days at the following e-mail address:


Anna Tsygankova

ballet master

Soloist of the Dutch National Ballet

progressing ballet technique

Kim Ji-young

ballet master

Former soloist of the Dutch National Ballet

Alexandra Kozmér

ballet master

Former soloist of Hungarian National Ballet and dancer of Budapest Operetta Theater

Attila Rónai

contemporary dance

Former dancer of Hofesh Shechter Company and founder of Kufa Productions

Sándor Túri

pas de deux

Former soloist of Hungarian National Ballet and teacher at HDU

Noémi Verbőczi

Progressing Ballet Technique

Former dancer of Stuttgart Ballet, Physiotherapist

The deadline for paying for the International Intensive Ballet Course is 31.07.2023. In the announcement box, please indicate the name of the applicant and that it is the International Intensive Ballet Course.

Bank account number (IBAN): HU64 10300002-13267508-00024901


The applicant will receive an accounting document confirming the payment of the paid course fee. A copy of the proof of payment or transfer receipt, the name of the event (e.g. International Intensive Ballet Course) and the billing data (name and address, tax number in case of a company) must be sent to the e-mail address within 3 calendar days of payment.

Once the accounting document certifying payment has been issued, it is not possible to amend it subsequently.

The course fee can only be refunded by the University if the course does not start. If the course starts, but for any reason the applicant is unable to attend it, does not enroll, the fee will not be refunded.

In case the applicant has submitted a valid application, but subsequently – after the application deadline – changes his/her mind for any reason and withdraws his/her application, the course fee cannot be refunded either!

The paid course fee can be refunded on the data request form, the substantiation of the refund request must be verified. The refund is only made by the University by bank transfer, which the applicant can reclaim using the data request form found HERE.

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