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Admissions for the 2024/25 academic year

The deadline for admission has been extended to 15 May.

Please read the information below carefully.
It contains all the practical information about the admission process and requirements.

Welcome to the Hungarian Dance University Admission Page!

We are thrilled that you’re considering joining our vibrant community of aspiring dancers. Here, you’ll find all the essential information regarding the admission process. We invite you to explore the details attentively to ensure a smooth and successful application experience tailored just for you.

At the Hungarian Dance University, we value your passion for dance and creativity, and we look forward to learning more about your unique journey.

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions or need further assistance. Best of luck on your journey to becoming a part of the Hungarian Dance University!



The following form must be completed and submitted in order to start the admission process to the Hungarian Dance University.

Please read the following information carefully before filling in the form.

Application form


  • Extended application deadline: 15th May 2024
  • Deadline for submitting video audition­­: 15th May 2024
  • Date of audition at the University: 15th June 2024

Please note these dates are only valid for applications received after 25 March.

For those who have submitted their application before this date, the deadline for sending in the video is 2nd April and the deadline for the personal admission is 3rd May.

Everyone has been informed of this by e-mail.


  • Application fee: 100 EUR/exam/specialization
  • To be transmitted to:

Magyar Táncművészeti Egyetem (Hungarian Dance University)
IBAN: HU16 10300002-13267508-00034883

  • It contains:
      • 3-member examination board
      • organisation of examinations
      • providing technical conditions
      • use of changing rooms
      • administration

When making the transfer, please write your name in the comment part and what you are transferring the amount to. Please consider the bank transfer fee when making a transfer.

Sending of the Application form and the audition fee is necessary also in case of video audition.


Information on personal audition:

    • Candidates living in Europe have to be auditioned before the Audition Board personally at the University.
    • Date of audition at the University for applications received before 25 March: 3rd and 4th May 2024
    • Date of audition at the University for applications received after 25 March: 15th June 2024
    • The audition consists of observing body aptness, dance talent, awareness of music and sense of rhythm.
    • The requirements for in-person and video admission are the same. Please check the detailed admission requirements in the video admission document even if you are NOT an overseas applicant and will be auditioned in person.


Information on video audition:

    • This option is offered only to overseas candidates and for folk dance and modern ballroom dances specialisation applicants only!
    • Sending the Application form and the audition fee is necessary also in case of video audition.
    • The video should be sent (submit) via video link to
    • The video link must include the candidate’s full name as follow: LAST NAME in capital letters and the first name in lower letters.
    • The recordings to be submitted are different for each specialisation. Please read carefully the relevant part of the information document.
Requirements and detailed information


  • Level B1 is required (according to the Common European Framework of Reference – CEFR)
  • If you get admission to the university, we will examine your language level, and if you cannot reach the required level, we provide language courses. ​
  • Important note: B1 language skills are primarily required to obtain a diploma, so if a verification of completion of a programme at our University is sufficient, we can exempt you from the language requirements.


The tuition fees for our programmes are €2500 per semester.


  • Email:
  • Contact persons:
    • Csilla Sebők (+36 20 513-9653)
    • Nikolett Áder (+ 36 30 145 9451)


choreography BA programme


  • versatile learning environment
  • possibility of obtaining a higher education degree/diploma
  • diverse community
  • rich tradition – 73 years of teaching dance artists in an institutionalised way
  • comprehensive, well-rounded education
  • family-like atmosphere
  • highly qualified and regarded teachers
  • picturesque campus
  • holistic approach
  • performance opportunities
  • beautiful and affordable city
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