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Dance Artist language requirementLanguage requirement


For the year of 2023/2024, the Hungarian Dance Iniversity announces the Dance Artist BA training for

Modern Dance ( BA ) training 

Date of audition:

( for applicants from European countries in person )

Application deadline:

Application form 

Send your application to the

mobil contact : Csilla Sebők +36 20 513-9653


Video audition 

This possibility is offered to overseas candidates only !

When making the video ( classical ballet ) , please follow the instrucitons below:

See the details: here (link). 



HDU advertises an admission process for international students a dance artist program with a bachelor’s degree in English majoring in classical ballet and modern dance.

The English-language dance artist’s bachelor’s degree in classical ballet program can be applied for by dancers if

(a) they have the Hungarian baccalaureate (matura) exam or equivalent certificate of secundary education studies, they show outstanding talent in dance art and do not turn 20 in the year in which the training starts.

(b) undertake to obtain the baccalaureate (matura) exam in Hungarian public education or to present an equivalent examination for higher education studies at the HDU by the end of the last period of diligence before the end of the semester of their studies at the latest, show outstanding talent in dance art and do not turn 20 in the year in which the training starts.


The requirements of the classical ballet practical entrance exam are in Chapters I to VI of the Vaganova Methodology. The selection board shall assess the candidate on the basis of the practice presented during the guided individual/group exercise.

During the entrance exam, it is mandatory to wear:

girls: stockings, ballet dress (sleeveless or short sleeves), soft and pointe shoes, buns.

boys: full ballet dress or long leg shirt and body-snug jersey, soft ballet shoes.

See the details here

The sending of the Application form and the audition fee is necessary also in case of video audition.

Application fee: 40 EUR – to be transmitted to

Magyar Táncművészeti Egyetem (Hungarian Dance University)

IBAN: HU 64 10300002-13267508-00024901