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Preparatory training for modern dance prepares the student for the career of a professional dancer.

It includes 5-6 professional practice hours every day.

During the training, the students  in addition to classical ballet, learn basic modern techniques (such as: Graham, Limón, jazz, contact), current trends in contemporary dance, improvisation, acting as well as performing for different purposes and profile presentations.

The duration of modern dance training is 5 years of which the first two years are preparatory, this is followed – in the event of a successful entrance exam – a

three-year higher education bachelor’s degree (so-called “bachelor”

training), which ends with a BA diploma.

Primarily, girls and boys who will finish their general education in the 2024/2025 school year can apply and they are no older than 16 years old.

Modern dance  admission information:

Application deadline date:

Admission exam date:


Send the application form to the

Application form

Audition fee: 40 EUR

Please send your application to the 

Contact person: Csilla Sebők +36 20 513-9653

Audition fee can be transferred to the following bank account number:

Magyar Táncművészeti Egyetem (Hungarian Dance University)

IBAN: HU 64 10300002-13267508-00024901



When making the transfer, please write in the comment part your name and what you are transferring the amount to. Thank You.

Please consider the bank transfer fee when making a transfer.