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Dancer and Coach (BA) – Modern ballroom dances specialisation

The programme aims to educate dancers and rehearsal coaches who can play an active part in Hungarian dance life and who can represent the values of Hungarian dance art at international forums.

Equipped with technical and theoretical knowledge, they can actively participate in Hungarian dance art; both as employed in various institutions and as independent dancers, rehearsal coaches or assistants to choreographers. One of the main purposes of the programme is to acquire diverse dance skills, to have insight into classical and modern (commercial) dances, to develop their abilities, skills and to extend their knowledge.

Side by side with practical training, theoretical subjects involve dance history, music history and cultural studies, thus by the end of their training programme, besides an excellent technical knowledge they will become broad-minded dancers.

The programme in the sixth semester ends with a thesis, a theoretic and a practical exam.

A further purpose of the BA programme is to prepare students for MA studies. Entering the programme is possible with a secondary school final exams certificate.

The name of the BA programme:

Dancer and Coach (modern ballroom dance)

The specification of the qualifications and the degree as marked in the diploma:
  • qualifications: baccalaureus, bachelor, BA
  • specialisation: dancer and rehearsal coaching (ballroom dance)
Length of the programme in semesters:

6 semesters

Credits required for BA degree:
Purpose of the programme, general and professional competencies:

The programme aims to educate dancers and rehearsal coaches who have overall knowledge of the processes in dance, music and theatre history, their results and their impact on contemporary art. They know several types of dance forms, especially those of modern ballroom dances. They are aware of the characteristic movement components at a high level, and the technical parameters, as well as the structural principles of various ballroom dances. They are familiar with the results of pedagogy and psychology essential for coaching, assisting choreographers and teaching. They are able to apply their technical skills in modern ballroom dance and are able to create choreographies from the components of the given ballroom dance, performing an authentic and artistic interpretation, as well as improvisation.

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