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Dance Teacher MA - Dance History and Dance Theory Specialization


Institute for Choreography and Dance Teacher Training


master of arts in dance history and dance theory

Level of degree:

master’s (MSc/MA)




evening course


state-funded /training offered for a fee

Length of studies:

2 semesters (60 credits) or 4 semesters (120 credits)

Credits to obtain:

60 or 120

Purpose of the programme:

The mission of the dance history and dance theory MA programme, accredited in 2009, is to convert interest in dance with a historical approach into basic, secondary and higher education. The specialisation encompasses a wide range of knowledge in co-arts, historical thinking, foreign languages and of various dance styles from ancient times until recent days.
This large span should be based on a personal commitment. In the programme, knowledge of history is as essential as acquiring subject-related methodology, which differs from the pedagogical methods of practical subjects. When finishing one’s studies, a realistic aim is participation in a doctorate school.

Language requirements:

To obtain an MA degree, a state-accredited language examination, complex B2 foreign language exam.

The specific subject-related pedagogical knowledge of a master of arts in teaching dance history and dance theory:

Methodology of teaching dance theory, dance-piece analysing, as well as music – set- and costume design history related to dance

The place and role of arts education, dance methodologies, integration of dance into public education, educating children about a healthy life with their age and pedagogical peculiarities concerned. Fostering national identity via dance art. Knowledge about the positive impact of arts education on one’s personality; understanding of communication and social problems in adolescence and their relief by means of dance education.

Getting ready for supporting talents, preparing them for a professional dancer’s career.        Knowledge of dance forms as far as it is necessary for teaching history and theory of dance.

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