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Dance Teacher MA - Hungarian folk dance specialisation


Institute for Choreography and Dance Teacher Training


master of arts in dance teaching

Level of degree:

master’s (MsC/MA)




evening training


state-funded/training offered for a fee

Length of studies:

2 semesters (60 credits) or 4 semesters (120 credits)

Credits to obtain:

60 or 120

Entry requirements:

Dancer or Dancer and Coach BA (Hungarian folk dances specialisation)

Purpose of the programme:

Participants are primarily offered training in teaching methodology and systematisation for the basic and secondary levels of arts education. Besides, the programme includes elements meeting the professional needs and requirements of cultural life, such as dance houses, dance camps. A further aim of the programme is to focus on the education of reflective teachers who will be able to answer the challenges of the society in the next 20-30 years and also realise a positive change in terms of the quality of life with the help of dance pedagogy.

The aim and task assessment of the MA programme:

By the end of the programme students should be able to integrate:

  1. a) the scientific results of movement analysis and dance notation, both theoretical and practical
  2. b) theoretical and practical knowledge of the didactics of dance teaching
  3. c) the textual and visual formats of folk dance research and recording
  4. d) the theoretical and practical knowledge of pedagogy and psychology
  5. e) the up-to-date trends in movement and folk dance teaching
  6. f) the basics of folk music
  7. g) the theoretical and practical knowledge of research methodology

At the end of their training, students prove their aptitudes with an appropriate thesis, justifiable from a professional viewpoint, written with the assistance of their mentor and based on scientific research. They prepare a school portfolio and take their final examination following their teaching practice exam.

Language requirements:

To obtain an MA degree, a state-accredited complex B2 foreign language exam is necessary

Specific methodological knowledge of a master of arts in dance teaching:
  • The acquisition of the educational methodology of Hungarian folk dances supplemented by dances of ethnic minorities, educational methodology of children’s folk games, an analytic approach to folk music, dance folkloristics and folk costumes.
  • The role of arts education, the educational methodology of dance, the integration of folk dance into public education, educating children about a healthy life with regard to their age and pedagogical peculiarities, fostering national identity via dance art.
  • Knowledge about the positive impact of arts education on one’s personality; of communication and social problems of adolescence and their relief by means of dance
  • Getting ready for supporting talents, preparing them for a professional dancer’s career and management of exceptional talents in art.
  • Knowledge of dance forms, the analysis of technical aspects, methodology, their pedagogical application and incorporation into the teaching process through the didactics of dance education.
  • In addition to the dance form practised by the student, the application of teaching methods on a broader scale with the help of other specialisations and co-arts.
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