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Preparatory courses/Classical ballet specialisation (from the age of 10-12)

The only way to become a ballet artist at the highest level is based on a well-structured education guided by the most prominent masters. Due to physiological aspects, the training should begin around the age of 10, when the body is still flexible, however cognitive skills and mental maturity are already suitable for disciplined work. Ideally, we expect children from the 4th grade at the entrance exam, organised twice a year. Children who pass will study at the six-year preparatory course of dance artist specialisation at the university. (No preliminary education is required, yet those at our preparatory courses in Budapest and throughout the country will be more familiar with our expectations.)

The internationally reputed Vaganova Method ensures a well-structured education system, adapted to the most up-to-date expectations by our excellent teachers. Outstanding ballet masters and professional trainers have or had predominantly significant Hungarian and international artistic careers.

Students learn classical ballet, ballet repertoire, different subjects for skills development, folk dance, historical and modern ballroom dances, modern dance techniques and drama. They will perform on stage from the first year at our own performances and with ballet companies in Budapest.

Students who complete these six years at the required level, will be admitted to the classical ballet specialisation (dance artist BA) and will finally graduate as dance artists.

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