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9th International Dance Conference to be held at HDU

The 9th International Dance Conference, which is organised by the Hungarian Dance University (HDU) with…

János Fügedi celebrates his 70th birthday

The leaders and staff of the Hungarian Dance University (HDU) welcomed HDU Professor Dr János…

HDU students and teachers receive awards

At the opening ceremony of the new academic year of the Hungarian Dance University, several…

The folk dancers have not been and will not ever be bored

Béla Ónodi DLA, the distinguished folk dancer and teacher, the Head of the Folk Dance…

More and more applicants register for the Budapest Ballet Grand Prix to be held in November

English, German, Finnish, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Georgian and Ukrainian participants have already registered for the…

New academic year opens at Hungarian Dance University

On 4 September, the 2023/2024 academic year was officially launched at the Hungarian Dance University…

Rector’s welcome

Being the head of a university has always been a great responsibility, both in the past and present. At the same time, it is also a great opportunity. In the case of an art university, the Rector’s personality and the institution’s attitude led by them can determine the role and significance of the given art field for long years in cultural life.

As I see, the Hungarian Dance University, with its broad spectrum of education, outstanding training programmes, research and development of art, and educational and scientific methods, can significantly contribute to the development of Hungarian dance art and Hungarian culture, also Hungarian society.

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