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Ballet marathon at the Budapest Ballet Grand Prix

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The first day of the Budapest Ballet Grand Prix (BBGP) ran from 3pm to 9.30pm.

This is not surprising at all because after the registration it was decided that 89 ballet dancers would take part in the event out of the 133 entries following the pre-selection. By the second day, it also turned out that it was a good decision to design a programme that helps the training and development of the participants.

Rector of the Hungarian Dance University and Chairwoman of the Budapest Ballet Grand Prix’s (BBGP) Organising Committee Márta Fodor-Molnár emphasised even before the event that the BBGP will focus both on training and competition. That is why master classes with renowned masters of the Hungarian Dance University and the Hungarian ballet art are held in the mornings with great interest. It is not only the masters who want to pass on their knowledge, it is good to see that all participants want to learn.

Fotók: Andrea P. Merlo

Márta Fodor-Molnár says that she is satisfied with the competition so far.

“I think it is important that people who come here can really learn. I think people who come here should really learn from each other, from the judges and from the masters. It’s not about dancing for a minute and then, if you don’t get it right on stage, you go home. The jury members get a full picture of everyone in every category. The final where they can and must prove themselves again is a different story of course.”

Speaking about the quality of the classical ballet competition of the first day, the Rector of the university explained that there were some outstanding performances, but there were also some who did not make a good start. She believes that the gala programme will be strong because there are participants dancing at a really high artistic standard.

János Kiss, Co-chair of the Organizing Committee, Kossuth Prize-winning ballet artist shared his thoughts about the organization as well.

“I am satisfied with what we have seen so far. We have created a serious international meeting point with a lot of countries, a colourful cavalcade, excellent publicity for ballet art. So far, the BBGP is running smoothly. The feedback is positive. We are working to keep it that way until Friday.”

Anna Tsygankova, one of the BBGP’s distinguished judges and principal ballet dancer at the Netherlands National Ballet, also highlighted the progression when asked about the opportunities created by the event.

“A competition like this can determine a ballet artist’s career for a lifetime. Participants can learn a lot from others, they can build friendships and relationships, which can define their artistic career for the rest of their lives. So, yes, an event like this is not just a competition, it is The competition.”

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