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Classical ballet qualifying exam held at HDU

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The final examination of the graduating students of classical ballet at the Hungarian Dance University (HDU) took place on 19 February. This time the students, who are in the last year of their university studies, demonstrated what they have learned in the last eight and a half years in front of a professional audience.

In fact, there was a comprehensive exam in classical ballet held in lifting and contemporary modern dance on 19 February. The four-part exam, which ran from 9 am to 1.30 pm, was one of the first really big tests of their careers. Those who prepared the class were master teacher Mónika Barna, art teacher József Medvecz, master teacher Pál Csillag and assistant professor Attila Kalmár.

Photos by Adrienne Horvath

Graduate students:

Katarina Bužić, Katalin Csenge Csipán, Janka Dobra, Hataishi Iyo, Kazama Ruka, Yonei Momona, Glória Szabó, Getta-Giuriato Marco Giuseppe, Sámuel Gáspár, Kamill Kőkény-Hámori, Saito Hiraku, Márk Szatmári

Iveta Sipos and Katalin Kárpinszky acted as pianists of the class.

The exam took place in front of a prestigious examination board. The board members included President Tamás Solymosi, Co-Chairman György Szakály, Mária Aradi, Mónika Barna, Éva Brieber, Mrs Miklós Borsa Katalin Sebestény, József Medvecz, Attila Kalmár, Szilárd Macher, Márta Fodor-Molnár, Zoltán Tamás Nagy, Zoltán Oláh, Adél Orosz, Nóra Szőnyi, Gyöngyvér Szurmayné Hortobágyi, Pál Csillag, Katalin Volf, Tamás Topolánszky, Lilla Pártay.

University Rector Márta Fodorné Molnár has already stressed the importance of the final year exams on the official website of the university.

“I think what could be taught by the university’s lecturers to the students has been taught. When they sign their contract, they will be able to fulfil their potential.”

Of course, until then there is still a lot of rehearsing to do, not to mention the final exam, the exam concert, which is also a big task.

During the nine-year professional training, the Hungarian Dance University provides a course on the centuries-old traditions of classical ballet, but also paves the way for the interpretation of the works of contemporary artists. Beauty, playfulness, energy, tension, rivalry, discovery and distance can all be expressed in the language of movement – this is what students have to show in their final year and, on the way there, prove their knowledge at the exam.

Éva Brieber, Head of the Classical Ballet Department, summarised the work of the final year of the course.

“The students, with the help of the masters, gave the best of their abilities in the final exam of the term. It is a challenging, often superhuman achievement. In the near future, they will be living the life of ballet artists, rehearsing and preparing for performances. Congratulations and thanks to their masters for their work so far. I congratulate the students on passing their exams and wish them all a long, patient and great rehearsal process until the exam concert.”

Overall, the masters were pleased with what they saw in the qualifying exam, but they agreed that there is still a lot of work to do in the spring.

The exam concert of the final year students of classical ballet will take place at the Opera House on 23 June 2024.



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