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Choreographer (BA)

During the training, students learn about the theory and practice of the art of choreography. As part of this, they learn about dance art venues and the methods that can be applied at the different performing art institutions.  In addition, the programme provides insight into the most outstanding past and recent results of Hungarian choreography, compared to the trends on an international scale. Besides practical training, there is a strong emphasis on theory. Students study dance history, dance analysis, music theory, music history, stage practice and dramaturgy. With excellent practical knowledge, by the end of the training programme, all these will have contributed to becoming broad-minded, creative and sensitive creators.

The name of the BA programme:


The specification of the qualifications and the degree as marked in the diploma:
  •  qualifications: baccalaureus, bachelor, BA
  •  specialisation: choreographer
Length of the programme in semesters:

6 semesters

Credits required for BA degree:
Purpose of the programme, general and professional competencies:

The aim of the programme is to train choreographers capable of creating and realising original and personal dance art productions; capable of transmitting their creative ideas, should it be individual creation or applied choreography using the various forms and languages of choreography. Equipped with technical and theoretical knowledge, the graduated students can actively participate in Hungarian dance art; both as employed in institutions and as independent artists. They are also capable of representing the values of Hungarian dance art at the international dance scene. They are prepared to continue their studies in the MA programme.

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