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Dance Artist (BA) – Modern Dance Specialisation

The purpose of modern dance specialisation of the dance artist programme’s is the extension and deepening of the technical knowledge acquired during the preparatory years. The programme also aims to open up students’ creativity and performing skills in order to become technically highly qualified, creative, all-round dance artists, who are able to realise their artistic tasks.

During the BA programme, the modern and contemporary techniques of the preparatory years are continued – e.g. contact, flying low, release, improvisation, partnering. Classical ballet studies are now integrated into the complex training system. By matching the newest trends and tendencies, students can develop and deepen their knowledge and integrate into both Hungarian and international dance life as outstanding dance artists.

Besides the practical training, the theoretical education is also important, including dance history, music history, cultural studies, applied kinesiology, and cultural management, in order to ensure an open-minded, reflexive, creative and sensible artistic approach by the end of their training.

Crucial parts of the programme are the attendance at performances of the university, practical training at professional companies in Hungary and abroad, such as participating in the workshops of our Hungarian teachers and foreign guest choreographers. At the end of the fourth semester students take a qualifying exam. They spend the fifth term as trainees at professional dance companies in Hungary and abroad as part of their dual education. The sixth semester ends with a thesis and an open stage practice exam.

The name of the BA programme:

Dance Artist

The specification of the qualifications and the degree as marked in the diploma:
  • qualifications: baccalaureus, bachelor, BA
  • specialisation: dance artist (modern dance)
Length of the programme in semesters:

6 semesters

Credits required for BA degree:
Purpose of the programme, general and professional competencies:

The programme aims to educate dance artists who can have an active dance career utilising their personal talents, process and interpret earlier dance pieces as well as contemporary creations individually.

Equipped with technical and theoretical knowledge, the graduated students are capable of actively participating in Hungarian dance art; both when employed in institutions and as independent artists. They are capable of representing the values of Hungarian dance art in the international dance scene. They are prepared to continue their studies in the MA programme.

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