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Dancer and Coach (BA) – Folk dance specialization

Along with a high level of practical acquisition of folk dances, theoretical subjects also represent an important section of the studies. Students graduating on this course are able to work as dancers, dance coaches and assistants to choreographers at different platforms of Hungarian dance art. The major subjects besides Hungarian folk dance, rehearsal coaching and choreography are further practical subjects (movement analysis, dance notation, children’s folk games, introductory gymnastics, ballet and modern ballroom dance.) Theoretical subjects enjoy a special emphasis, among others dance history, dance folkloristics, music theory, music history, folk music and cultural studies. The programme ends with a thesis and a stage practical exam.

The name of the BA programme:

Dancer and Coach (Hungarian folk dances)

The specification of the qualifications and the degree as marked in the diploma:
  • qualifications: baccalaureus, bachelor, BA
  • specialization: dance and coach (Hungarian folk dances)
Length of the programme in semesters:

6 semesters

Credits required for BA degree:
Purpose of the programme, general and professional competencies:

The programme aims to educate dancers and rehearsal coaches who are capable of playing an active part in Hungarian dance culture and can represent its values at international forums. Equipped with technical and theoretical knowledge, they are capable of participating in Hungarian dance activity both as employed in various institutions and as independent dancers, rehearsal coaches or assistants to choreographers. A further aim is to prepare students for MA studies.

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