Dancer and Coach (BA) – Theatrical dances specialisation

During their education students acquire various dance genres as well as forms and stylistic components of dance techniques related to theatrical dance (tap, contemporary dance, ballroom dance, jazz, musical, operetta, musical acting, voice-training etc.) The programme also comprises the basic procedures in dance, music and theatre history, and their impact on contemporary art. They learn about and practise the basics of leading rehearsal, interpreting and analysing within the group. By learning the choreographies of original musicals and contemporary dance pieces, students get immediate insight into music-theatrical genres. The programme ends in the sixth semester with a thesis, a theoretic and a stage practice exam.

The name of the BA programme:

Dancer and Rehearsal Coaching (theatrical dance)

The specification of the qualifications and the degree as marked in the diploma:
  • qualifications: baccalaureus, bachelor, BA
  • specialisation: dancer and rehearsal coaching, theatrical dance
Length of the programme in semesters:

6 semesters

Credits required for BA degree:
Purpose of the programme, general and professional competencies:

The programme aims to educate dancers and rehearsal coaches who are capable of playing an active part in Hungarian dance life and representing the values of Hungarian dance art at international forums.
Equipped with technical and theoretical knowledge, students are capable of participating in professional dance activities both when employed in various institutions and as independent dancers or rehearsal coaches or assistants to choreographers. The graduated students are also prepared to continue their studies in the MA programme.