Choreographer MA

The low number of participants of the programme provides an opportunity to establish a relationship between masters and students. Within the curriculum, there is also a possibility to implement personal-individual tutoring based on students’ knowledge and their chosen or wished artistic direction. For this, the university offers the most outstanding artists and teachers in their field. The university also ensures study processes with multi-media and info-communication technology. A wide theoretical background broadens students’ knowledge and awareness, side by side with the principle of ‘learning by doing’. These develop essential competencies, such as digital knowledge for a choreographer’s work, reflections on up-to-date methods of studying-teaching, artistic self-reflection, and critical thinking.

The name of the MA programme:

Choreographer MA

The specification of the qualifications and the degree as marked in the diploma:

Choreographer MA


Institute for Choreography and Dance Teacher Training


master of arts in choreography

Level of degree:

master’s (MSc/MA)




evening training


state-funded /training offered for a fee

Length of studies:

4 semesters (120 credits)

Credits to obtain:


Purpose of the programme and professional competencies:

The aim of the programme is to educate choreographers who, unfolding their high-level professional knowledge and artistic gifts, are able to express their creative thoughts via dance by making individual, original choreographies. As well-prepared artists and intellectuals, they are capable of playing an active part in the country’s cultural life, are apt to lead institutions of dance and function as leading choreographers. The High-level performances of the students meet international standards as well. They are prepared to continue their studies in a doctoral school.