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Classical Ballet Dancer MA

Those ballet artists who have graduated at the BA-training at the Hungarian Dance University, with their high level of mastery and at the top of their professional ballet artist careers in Hungarian and foreign dance life may continue their studies at this MA studies course. They may   deepen their theoretical and artistic knowledge in order to enrich their performing career, and open the way to PhD or DLA degrees.

The name of the MA programme:

Classical Ballet Dancer

The specification of the qualifications and the degree as marked in the diploma:
  • qualifications: master’s (magister, master; MA)
  • specialisation: classical ballet artist
Length of the programme in semesters:

4 semesters

Credits required for MA degree:


Purpose of the MA programme, professional competencies:

The programme aims to educate ballet artists who are able to unite their high-level technical skills and theoretical knowledge to create complex artistic expression both as leading members of ensembles and solo artists in Hungary and at the international dance scene. They can take up an initiative role in cultural institutions, representing the specific values of dance art. If coupled with a vocation of pedagogy, following additional training for a teacher’s MA they can participate in educating future generations and young dance artists. Their high level of competences enables them to continue their studies in a doctorate course.

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