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HDU students take it all in Lecce

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Students of the Hungarian Dance University (HDU) won several prizes at the 9th edition of the “Domenico Modugno” International Ballet and Contemporary Dance Competition in Lecce, Italy.

HDU students won three first prizes, the award for the best male dancer as well as other valuable achievements. Hungarian jury member Mónika Barna said the jury are confident that the students of the Hungarian Dance University (HDU) are well-trained and professional.

As the main aim of the event is to provide an opportunity for young dancers to develop their network and to be seen by their peers, teachers and company leaders, the weekend was particularly important and successful. It was also added that HDU students always perform very well at the “Domenico Modugno” prestigious competition.

Results achieved by HDU students:

Classical solo senior category

First prize: Kamill Kökény-Hámori (coached by József Medvecz)
Second prize: Janka Dobra (coached by Mónika Barna)
Third prize: Anastasija Dokic (coached by Eszter Kazinczy)

Classic pas de deux category

First prize: Kamill Kökény-Hámori and Janka Dobra (coached by József Medvecz and Mónika Barna)

Classical solo junior category

First prize: Franciska Bonecz (coached by Eszter Pataki-Tóth)

Liza Szűcs (coached by Angéla Kövessy) and Dóra Szepsi (coached by Katalin Volf) finished in the top 10 in the senior classical solo category and Ábel Ónódy (coached by Attila Kalmár) in the senior contemporary category.

HDU students received several valuable special prizes as well.

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