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Janka Dobra and Kamill Kökény-Hámori performed at the Opera House

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Over the weekend, graduating students of the Hungarian Dance University (HDU) Janka Dobra and Kamill Kökény-Hámori danced the lead roles in the Opera House’s production “The Little Pirot”.

The two talented classical ballet graduates of the Hungarian Dance University were signed by the Opera Ballet Company last year, which is a testament to their talent and the quality of their training at the university. Although Kamill and Janka are currently preparing for their exam concert, they have taken the time for an interview.

Talking about work and university study, Janka said it is a great pleasure for them to have this opportunity and they are very grateful for it. They did not have any difficulties during the rehearsal process, because their ballet teacher Master Radina Dace was very flexible and they could always adapt the rehearsals to their academic schedule.

When asked about the fact one year ago they were offered the opportunity by the Hungarian National Ballet and the Opera and they have actually started their active career as a ballet dancer, Kamill said he couldn’t believe he had been offered a contract, and he has been grateful ever since.

Kamill revealed they are now preparing for their exam concert.

“It consists of three acts. The first act is an arrangement of Don Quixote, where I play the role of Basil, a poor barber, but all the more charming, always flirting with the girls. The second act is composed of various ballet pieces and dances by choreographers”, he said.

Discussing the years they spent at the Hungarian Dance University, Janka mentioned that the nine years at university were full of challenges and opportunities, but there were also difficult times.

“I am very grateful for the many opportunities to perform on stage and for the many opportunities to perform abroad and in international competitions, which gave me a lot of experience”, she added.

Kamill believes that the performance that will take place at the Dance Theatre on 11 June and the one at the Opera on 23 June are worth visiting because in addition to the many technical challenges, they put a lot of emphasis on developing the message of the roles, which is very important for the audience. Both performances are very colourful in terms of repertoire, and he can only recommend them to anyone who loves dance.

We wish good luck to all the graduating students of the Hungarian Dance University.

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