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Katalin Lőrinc has been elected as a new member of the Company of Immortals

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Katalin Lőrinc DLA, Gyula Harangozó Prize-winning dance artist and professor of the Hungarian Dance University, has become a new member of the Company of Immortals.

When she was awarded earlier the Order of Merit of Hungary, she had already excelled in the magical world of dance in many places and positions.

She has danced abroad and with renowned companies in Hungary, worked as a choreographer and journalist, while as a teacher she has been passing on her knowledge to the students of the Hungarian Dance University for almost 30 years.

The Company of Immortals was founded in 1996 by Sándor Érdi and Katalin Szegvári, the creators of the former television cultural weekly Stúdió. The other members of the Foundation’s Board of Trustees are Márton Kauzál, Márta Nagy, Szilárd S. Németh and Egon Rónai, and the President is Miklós Szinetár.

After a five-year hiatus, the initiative was revived in 2020 by Hungarian television channel ATV, which undertook to organise the vote. This year, the nominees were chosen by an Art Committee of renowned artists in January, consisting of Éva Almási, Ildikó Bánsági, Johanna Bodor, György Szakály, Ferenc László, Géza D. Hegedűs and Natália Oszkó-Jakab.

In each of the four categories (actor, actress, dancer and opera singer), voters chose two of the four nominees.

New members of the Company of Immortals:

  • Ági Szirtes, Anikó Für (actress)
  • Zsolt László, Imre Csuja (actor)
  • Katalin Pitti, Dénes Gulyás (opera singer)
  • Katalin Csarnóy, Katalin Lőrinc (dancer)


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