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More and more applicants register for the Budapest Ballet Grand Prix to be held in November

By 2023.09.08.September 10th, 2023No Comments

English, German, Finnish, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Georgian and Ukrainian participants have already registered for the Budapest Ballet Grand Prix (BBGP) that will take place from 21-24 November and is organised by the Hungarian Dance University.  The event will be hosted for the first time at the National Dance Theatre and MÜPA (Palace of Arts).

Based on the applications received so far, young ballet dancers from more than 10 countries will participate in the competition. Following the summer holiday, everything is getting back to normal at the beginning of September: young people have started to return to ballet schools and halls. Based on the interest shown towards the Grand Prix, it seems that there will be a hard competition at the first Budapest Ballet Grand Prix.

Photos by Andrea P. Merlo

The Hungarian Dance University is also preparing for the event. The organisation is underway and the students are also preparing to give their best performance in front of a very prestigious international jury that includes Tamás Solymosi, the Hungarian State Opera’s Ballet Director. Outstanding performances are professionally important and come with substantial cash prizes.

The Hungarian Dance University, a leading institution in the Hungarian dance education, has launched a new high artistic standard ballet competition to promote ballet and dance art in Hungary.

János Kiss, Kossuth Prize-winning ballet artist and Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the university, gave more emphasis to the upcoming Budapest Ballet Grand Prix at the opening ceremony of the new academic year. The President of the Organising Committee believes that the event is an excellent opportunity for the university, its teachers and students to show themselves to the world.

“BBGP belongs to all of us, we should all feel it. I hope that art lovers and dance artists will visit Budapest in the coming years to learn about the work of the university and to strengthen the reputation of the institution and the art of dance. HDU’s goal remains to become the most significant dance art training higher institution in Europe by 2026.”

In line with this ambition, the long-term goal of BBGP is to become the most popular ballet competition in Central Europe.

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