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146 young ballet dancers participated in the Grand Audition Budapest

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The 2nd Grand Audition Budapest organised at the Hungarian Dance University last weekend ended with amazing success and great interest.

Last year’s first “selection” brought many contract offers for the young ballet students, so it is not surprising that this year, following the pre-selection, a total of 146 young contestants took part in the event.

This year’s Grand Audition was very successful. Exact figures are not yet available, but the summary shows that many talented young people have indeed attracted the attention of the company directors.

As noted earlier, the clear goal of the Hungarian Dance University is to get back on the map of the international ballet world. The Grand Audition is a major opportunity towards taking this step, and Harangozó Gyula Prize-winning Hungarian ballet artist Tamás Nagy has played an outstanding role in bringing this event to Hungary.

The event was also filmed, it is worth watching it.

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