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How can dance be documented, stored and researched?

By 2024.03.05.No Comments

Last week saw an important day in the field of dance research. The Hungarian Academy of Sciences’ Working Committee for Dance Studies organised a discussion with the participation of Kossuth Prize-winning choreographer Yvette Bozsik, Head of the Department of Choreography at the Hungarian Dance University. The event focussed on how dance art can be documented, stored and researched.

The uplifting and thought-provoking, yet cheerful discussion was moderated by Katalin Lőrinc, who called dance simply a volatile art – not surprisingly.

During the discussion, István L. Sándor revealed which internet sources or libraries he visited in order to find the most important documents, films and reviews for his forthcoming book on the artist’s 30 years of creative work.

The 20 people present both in person and online were able to take part in the event where fundamental questions were raised about the role of art today and what the future of books documenting art and the genre of criticism is.


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