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Benedetta Maria Carrara will attend Prix de Lausanne’s summer course  

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Congratulations to Benedetta Maria Carrara, a fifth-year classical ballet student at the Hungarian Dance University (HDU) for having been elected for the Prix de Lausanne summer course and the competition’s preliminary round.

 Benedetta’s head master in the fifth year is Márta Fodor-Molnár, who is the Rector of the university.

Photos by Pál Csillag

The six-day Summer Intensive – European and International Preselection 2024, proposed by the organisers of the Prix de Lausanne for young dancers, will take place from 8 to 13 July 2024, this year in the beautiful setting of Villars-sur-Ollon in the Vaud Alps.

The course aims to discover young and promising talents, and to open the doors of one of Europe’s most prestigious ballet competitions, the Prix de Lausanne to some of them. For one week, participants will attend intensive classes and training with world-renowned teachers and masters.

For the first time, the summer intensive course will be open to young international dancers in 2024 after four years of exclusively European pre-selection. This is how Benedetta Maria Carrara, a fifth-year student at HDU was given this opportunity.

Congratulations to Benedetta and her masters.

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