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HDU students did a great job in Belgium

By 2024.05.13.No Comments

Students of the Hungarian Dance University (HDU) participated in the IBCB-International Ballet Competition held in Belgium between 10 and 12 May. The HDU delegation consisting of four students, led by Kossuth Prize-winning ballet artist and university professor Zoltán Oláh won five (!) first places.

In the junior category, HDU students took all the first places.

7th-year student Lili Németh, prepared by associate professor and master teacher Eszter Kazinczy, took first place in both the junior classical and junior modern categories, while 7th-year student Sámuel Gribovszki, who is Zoltán Oláh’s pupil, also won two gold medals.

In the senior category, 8th-year student Ezgi Toydemir also won the classical category under the coaching of Katalin Volf, and came second in the modern category. Eszter Kazinczy’s 7th-year student Iza Fasun finished third in the modern category.

Congratulations to all for the excellent performance!


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