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Gvendolin Nagy will participate in the Budapest Ballet Grand Prix

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Gvendolin Nagy graduated at the Hungarian Dance University (HDU) at the beginning of the summer, majoring in classical ballet. She was an excellent student of the institution, so it is a pleasure to meet her again next week at the Budapest Ballet Grand Prix (BBGP). She is becoming more and more known not only at the university but in the world of classical ballet in Hungary as well.

She currently lives in Ostrava, Czech Republic, and is a member of the professional company of the National Moravian-Silesian Theatre. However, she will return home for the BBGP.

“I really like the company. I was quickly able to get involved in the work. The dancers are nice and really welcoming, which is a huge plus for me. The atmosphere here is supportive and friendly. Of course, there are difficult days, but who doesn’t have them? The Budapest Ballet Grand Prix is a good opportunity to meet acknowledged judges, and all participants will benefit from this in the future. We will dance in front of excellent masters, we can talk to them and get to know each other”, she said.

Photo by Andrea P. Merlo

Gvendolin also said that she put a lot of time and energy into the preparations for the BBGP because she knows that it will be a tough competition with outstanding dancers.

We wish her good luck in the competition and in her work at the National Moravian-Silesian Theatre.


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