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Day zero at the Budapest Ballet Grand Prix

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The Budapest Ballet Grand Prix (BBGP) began on Monday evening with day zero. Young artists from 23 countries lined up at the registration desk in the lobby of the National Dance Theatre.

BBGP competitors were given a number at the time of registration. For the majority of the competition, BBGP competitors will be called to the podium by their numbers rather than their names.

The students of the Hungarian Dance University (HDU) were excited about the competition. Many of them said that they consider it a very good opportunity to have students and masters from several European countries, as it can be important for their future and an opportunity for professional development. HDU students have been preparing for months, sparing no time and energy to work on their variations.

“We’re so tired, but we’re so inspired to do a pas de deux from a great classical ballet that I feel like we’re tireless”, said a student from HDU.

“We want to prove ourselves first and foremost. It’s a dream coming true. There are so many big names in the jury that I would like to get some feedback from all of them,” said another student from our institution.

“I would like to gain as much experience and learn as possible at the Budapest Ballet Grand Prix,” said one of the Spanish girls, who is visiting Budapest for the first time. She also revealed that she has spent the last few months preparing for the Budapest Ballet Grand Prix with her masters.

“This is my first time in Budapest. If I have time after the race, I would love to see the city. The variation I brought for the Budapest Ballet Grand Prix required a lot of work. We are at the end of a very intense process, it required a strict schedule. I hope to return home with a lot of experience and to receive feedback and corrections from the masters that will shed light on my performance from a new perspective, so I can improve”, said a Belgian participant.

The Czech participants we interviewed were also visiting Hungary for the first time. In addition to the competitors arriving for the Budapest Ballet Grand Prix, their coaches also spoke about the competition.

“It’s a very good opportunity for our students and of course a benchmark to compare what we can do better. It’s also a great experience to see talented young people perform for several days.”

We wish all the competitors good luck.




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