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HDU students earn a long curtain call at the National Dance Theatre

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The exam concert held at the National Dance Theatre by the graduating students specialising in theatrical dance at the Hungarian Dance University (HDU) was a huge success.

Last Friday’s exam concert was met with considerable appreciation from both the experts and the audience, which was no surprise, as it was clear earlier that an impressive performance would be given.

On Saturday, at the end of the second performance of “At the beginning of our journey”, the audience rewarded the students of the Hungarian Dance University with a standing ovation.

Professor Márta-Fodor Molnár, HDU’s rector commented on the performance of the graduating students specialising in theatrical dance.

“The Hungarian Dance University has a very broad educational spectrum, as it offers training in six majors and twenty-two specializations in accordance with the latest needs and expectations. Admiring the examination performance of the students specialising in theatrical dance of the Dance Artist program, it can be seen that the students, who were assisted by the university’s outstanding teachers, studied very hard to achieve this success. The students that complete their studies have promising career prospectives. Congratulations to them!”

Attila Kalmár, Harangozó Gyula Award-winning Associate Professor, Head of the Department of Modern Dance and Theatre Dance at HDU was also pleased. The master emphasized that the students received a rarely seen applause after the performance on Saturday, which was fantastic to experience both as a student and as a master.

Krisztina Végh, Harangozó Gyula Award-winning, meritorious and distinguished artist and ballet master, Head of the Year, spoke about the class earlier.

“Two years ago, when I started to work as head ballet master of the theatrical dance program, I must admit I was quite uncertain. Then I thought this is a huge challenge for me and I’m already experienced in all aspects of my life. This class makes a good team, they work together very successfully, I am proud of them. I hope I have been able to pass on to them much of what I have learned from my masters. I believe they will be able to use this as a “food” during their career.”

Graduating students specialising in theatrical dance at the Hungarian Dance University:

Márk Agárdi, Szabolcs Borbély, Málna Csató, Karina Farsang, Erik Győrfi, Anna Hege, Konrád Kopiás, Kitti Kőhler, Barnabás Lévai, Emma Lovas, Csenge Molnár, András Ordasi, Boglárka Pető, Levente Puczkó-Smith, Fanni Radványi, Johanna Rozsovits and Dolli Szénási.


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