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Hungarian Dance University to participate in 10th IBCDC Domenico Modugno

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The 10th IBCDC Domenico Modugno international ballet and contemporary dance competition will be held in Lecce, Italy between 22 and 24 March. The event will be attended by five students of the Hungarian Dance University (HDU), while master Mónika Barna will act as a jury member.

The main goal of the event is to create an opportunity for young dancers to gain international exposure and build relationships. HDU students have achieved good results in Lecce in previous years.

Liza Szűcs (photo by Pál Csillag)

The HDU “team” will be accompanied and assisted by master Krisztina Végh during the competition.

Master Mónika Barna will be a jury member the fourth time at the IBCDC Domenico Modugno international ballet and contemporary dance competition. She has accompanied HDU students to the competition several times.

“This will be the seventh time I am going to be a jury member”, she has revealed. “I like working here and participating in the event for several reasons. The competition is of a high standard and well organized. All clockwork is done with precision, which is important for the students because thus they can really concentrate on the competition. There will be a great number of participants, which, due to the diversity of the contestants, is valuable to the students as it helps their development. That is why the wide range of categories is also useful. Both classical and contemporary dance are part of the program, and there is also the opportunity to compete in the group category, which is less common in competitions.”

Júlia Precup and Félix Boboi (photo by Pál Csillag)

Students representing HDU include Ferenc Pethő, Liza Szűcs, Félix Boboi, Benedek Sánta and Júlia Precup.

The students’ tutors are Angéla Kövessy, Balázs Krajczár, Sándor Túri, Noémi Kulcsár and Attila Kalmár.

The competition and side events will take place in several locations: in Balletto di Lecce building, in Teatro Paisiello, while the award ceremony will take place in Teatro Apollo in Lecce.

We wish all HDU participants and their masters a good trip and a great competition.

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