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Let us celebrate the Day of the Hungarian Culture

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The 22nd of January is the official Day of the Hungarian Culture. On this day, we celebrate the written literature and poetry as well as pay respect to the famous Hungarian writers and poets.

Hungarians spend this day to commemorate the fact that the Hungarian poet, Ferenc Kölcsey finalised and dated the manuscript of the Hungarian National Anthem (the Hymn) in Cseke on 22 January in 1823 as part of a larger manuscript package.

On December 7 2022, the Hungarian Parliament adopted and issued the Parliamentary Resolution 55/2022 (XII. 8.), according to which, in commemoration of the 200th anniversary of the completion of the Hungarian National Anthem, January 22 is declared the official state day of remembrance of the Hungarian Culture.

The commemoration provides an opportunity to pay greater attention to the Hungarian millennia-old traditions, roots, the strengthening of the national consciousness, displaying and passing on the tangible and intangible assets that remind Hungarians of their past.

The Hungarian Dance University, as a university of art, is committed to passing on the tradition of dance on daily basis through action, education and work. We believe that this can determine the role, importance and place of dance in cultural life for many years to come.

As it was stated by Professor Márta FodorMolnár, Rector of the university, through its broad educational spectrum, outstanding quality of training, research and development of artistic, educational and scientific methods, the Hungarian Dance University can contribute greatly to the development of Hungarian dance, Hungarian culture and society. The art of dance has a great potential to transmit Hungarian cultural values to the world, helping its international integration and reputation, while at the same time it can play a significant role in preserving national identity in the Carpathian Basin and worldwide.

We also celebrate the Day of the Hungarian Culture with this short video.



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