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Yaniv Abraham is holding a course at Hungarian Dance University

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One of the leading choreographers and dance artists of our time, Yaniv Abraham will work with students of the fourth-year students of the Modern Dance Specialisation for one week.

Yaniv Abraham will hold a Gaga class, he will then teach the students excerpts from the repertoire of choreographer Ohad Naharin and his own choreography. On Friday, 26 January, the Israeli artist will give a Gaga class to students from several classes, inviting the masters to also participate.

Yaniv Abraham began dancing at the Karmi Machol Karmiel Folk Dance Academy and Company and continued his training at the Mate Asher School of Performing Arts (MASPA) from 1999 to 2001, alongside the Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Ensemble at Kibbutz Ga'aton. He joined the Batsheva Ensemble in June 2001, and in February 2003 he became the member of the Batsheva Dance Company where he danced until July 2010. At Batsheva Dance Company he performed works by artistic director Yaniv Ohad Naharin, in-house choreographer Sharon Eyal and guest choreographer Mats Ek. In recent years he has performed in works by Batsheva alumni members Noa Zuk and Gili Navot.

Photo: Yaniv Abraham Facebook

As a dancer, he has received grants from the Israeli Ministry of Culture and Education, the Sharett Foundation and the America-Israel Cultural Foundation. Yaniv created several choreographies for Batsheva Dancers Create between 2004 and 2010. Since leaving the company, he has created new dances for MASPA and the University of Florida, and his solo Somersault (2013) has been presented at several festivals: the Suzanne Dellal Centre in Tel Aviv, Dance Makers in Amsterdam and Reggio Calabria, Italy (MDF).

Yaniv has taught Gaga, the movement language of Ohad Naharin, to dancers and non-dancers in Israel and internationally, and has also taught Naharin's repertoire. He has taught at dance companies such as Batsheva, Carte Blanche, Les Grands Ballets Canadiens and Cullberg Ballet, and in dance departments at schools such as the University of Florida, Jacksonville and the University of South Florida. He has held master classes and workshops in Australia, Singapore, Japan, Russia, Serbia, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, the United States, and now works with
students of the Hungarian Dance University.

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