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Successful exam concert at the Opera House

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Students specialising in classical ballet at the Hungarian Dance University (HDU) gave their final exam concert at the Opera House on 23 June.

The 23 June marked the end of a nine-year study for the graduates of the Hungarian Dance University (HDU). Students specialising in classical ballet performed very well at their final exam concert at the Hungarian State Opera House.

Photos by Pál Csillag

The sold-out performance was praised by the eminent representatives of the profession. Representatives of diplomatic corps, state leaders, distinguished artists and many esteemed guests attended the three-act performance at the Opera House.

The real work behind the action was demonstrated in a successful performance. Here are a few excerpts from articles written about the exam performance, which we would like to thank to the staff of Index, Origo, Fidelio, Papageno and kultú, among others.

“We are like a family, not like the law school of ELTE university or the medical university, where three or four hundred people graduate a year. We know each other, we follow the careers of our graduates and try to help them find the jobs they need. We teach them to dance during their university years, but to reach the level their talent predestines them for, they need common work and lots of stage experience, to work with as many choreographers, directors and masters as possible, and to achieve what they are capable of through the roles they play,” said HDU’s rector Fodor-Molnár Márta on

Another news portal, wrote the following.

“Nearly a decade means one thing to the students performing and another to those of us sitting on the other side of the stage, but it also means future opportunities for both sides: for the students, the start of their careers, and for the audience, the chance to meet new artists. In addition to providing a broad insight into the diversity of classical ballet, the three-act exam concert also shows that in 2024 the genre will obviously include many more nuances than it did when romantic or classical ballets first appeared.”

As we mentioned earlier, the first act was a suite Don Quixote by L. Minkus – M. Petipa, the second act featured solos and duets, while the third act, the Vortex was choreographed by András Lukács.

It is important to mention that the audience saw the works of renowned choreographers, as Eric Gauthier, András Lukács and Noémi Kulcsár, who is also a teacher at the university, all contributed their choreography to the exam concert. In addition, the French master accepted the invitation of the Hungarian Dance University and watched the performance at the Opera, after which he spoke very positively about the show and several graduating students.

We thank our graduating students for studying at the Hungarian Dance University.

Graduating students:

Katarina Bužić, Katalin Csenge Csipán, Janka Dobra, Attila Sámuel Gáspár, Getta-Giuriato Marco Giuseppe, Hataishi Iyo, Kazama Ruka, Kamill Kökény-Hámori, Glória Szabó, Márk Szatmári, Saito Hiraku and Yonei Momona.





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