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The first class of the State Ballet Institute graduated 70 years ago

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The Hungarian Dance University (HDU) will celebrate its 75th anniversary in 2025. Its predecessor, the State Ballet Institute was established in 1950, and the first class graduated 70 years ago in 1954.

It is interesting to note that at that time only ballet training was offered within the walls of the State Ballet Institute, Budapest, and the 12 ballet artists had started their careers 70 years ago. Now we know that they had a very successful career. The head of the graduating class was Ferenc Nádasi.

The members of the first class, several of whom were also teachers at our school, included Erzsébet Ángyási, Erzsébet Boros, Jacqueline Menyhárt, Margit Miklóssy, Adél Orosz, Vera Szumrák, Annamária Wellisch, Tamás Koren, Lász-Ió Pethő, Viktor Róna, Imre Szépvölgyi and János Tóth.

We are very happy to have Adél Orosz, Vera Szumrák, Erzsébet Boros and Erzsébet Ángyási with us, whom we would like to welcome and wish them all the best.

The concert of the first graduating class, which was also the first graduation performance of our university, took place on 28 June 1954, at 7 pm at the Opera House.

The concert received a very favourable review, and the Opera House immediately hired the graduating young artists.

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