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Successful team building held for foreign students 

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A team building event focussing on integration support and networking for the international students of the Hungarian Dance University was held for the first time.

The Hungarian Dance University (HDU) has always been an international institution attended by many foreign students and distinguished artists who have become known later. Students come from all over the world to study at HDU: the almost 75-year-old institution currently has 32 international students from 11 countries.

The university’s leadership consider it important that the social and cultural integration of the students should be successful, as one of the conditions of quality work and learning is that students enjoy their time at the institution.

This is why the international team of HDU’s Directorate of Studies organised a team-building event called the 1st Global Gathering, specifically for our international students, where the participants prepared a speciality of the world-famous Hungarian cuisine, a Cellar Goulash (pincepörkölt), to build their team.

At the event, two teams team up to take part in quizzes about Hungary and Hungarian cuisine as well as food tasting. The programme ended with a game of Capture-the-flag.

The number of students participating in the event exceeded the organisers’ expectations.

The participants looked forward to the programme very much, as a result of which an enthusiastic and active team was assembled. Their feedback was very positive: they enjoyed the time spent together and the opportunity to be connected. Of course, the Cellar Goulash was a success.

So, we are sure to say, we will continue with similar events.


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