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János Kiss says taking up dancing was the best choice in his life

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An interview about dancing and dancing career was made with János Kiss, Kossuth Prize-winning ballet artis, who says dancing is the best thing that can happen to you.

Maybe few know that it is a real problem that fewer boys than expected are applying to the university to become dancers.

This is surprising, because there are many good examples demonstrating that the dance profession is more than just a full-time career for boys. Even if you are pursuing a serious artistic career, but also if your life takes a different direction.

János Kiss, Kossuth Prize-winning ballet dancer, choreographer, distinguished artist, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Hungarian Dance University, one of the “inventors”, founding member and director of the 40-year-old Győr Ballet Company, and Vice President of the Hungarian Art Academy (MMA) believes that dance and the training programme that leads to it unleashes serious knowledge and extraordinary energy in young people.

In his view, the best reason why a young boy should become a dance artist is because the art of dance teaches you a sense of discipline and a serious body awareness. It involves rhythm and awareness, and the ability to learn stays with you for the rest of your life.

As he says: “The art of dance is concentration, discipline, a sense of beauty and literacy.”

He also believes that if you learn to dance, you will be able to take a stand in many other areas of life. Dancing is a very-very good thing. If you want to show yourself to the world, if you like to live in a community, you will not only find your place with dancers, but you will feel at home.

“Interestingly enough, while there are apparently limits to dancing, there are in fact no limits in the world of dance. I have many great colleagues who started out as, say, classical dancers and became great contemporary dancers”, he adds.

János Kiss confirms that the Hungarian Dance University and the campus offers children great conditions. Even visitors from abroad, not only those who participated in the Budapest Ballet Grand Prix, are amazed at how beautiful the campus is.

He is confirmed that the Hungarian Dance University has a well-structured education offering not only performing arts, but students can also choose a career as a teacher, and those who apply to the university can become anything from a rehearsal director to a choreographer.

The Hungarian Dance University is open for applications for the Classical Ballet and Folk Dance degree. You can find the details HERE.

Photo by Pál Csillag


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